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SimWorks Studios Announces Updates On Several Products


We are working hard on an update to the Zenith 701, which willbring in Wwise audio and three more variants: amphibian, skis andtundra tires! With the 3D art finished, we are starting to work on theflight dynamics to account for the weight and drag from these newappendages. Wwise sounds may take a bit longer, so if they don't makeit in this update, we will include them in the next one.


Regarding Okavango an update is currently in testing which takescare of some vegetation and animal bugs spotted. We also released somemore animated animals into the scenery, but are doing soconservatively as they are known to feed on FPS.

Finally, the Kodiak's VC model is approaching completion and wehope to share some screen shots with you next week. We are eagerlywaiting on Sim Update 4 to see what improvements it brings for theturboprop engines, which will benefit the mighty Kodiak as well!

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