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SimWorks Studios 2022 Roadmap


As promised earlier, it is time to announce our 2022 roadmap! Keepin mind that this is the "best case scenario", issues can crop up andlead to things being pushed back due to various reasons. So let'sbegin!

#1 priority is fixing our web site. The Kodiak's release stretchedthe limits of our web site beyond our expectations by approximately5x. That means that we cannot release updates to the product, thefloatplane or any other high-demand aircraft before migrating to a newserver. Now that everyone is back, we are going through specificationsand offers to be able to make an educated decision and migrate to anew server that should handle demand better. We want this to be donewithin January.




#2 the RV-14: the art side is complete and code work is expected tobe done any day now. The flight model is in a very good state. Soundsare here and at a very good stage, with fine tuning and AI being thelast things due for this task. We are working towards a Februaryrelease, barring any unforeseen problems. The RV-14 will be followedby the RV-10 later this year, with the RV-8 and RV-7 in late 2022 orearly 2023.

#3 the Kodiak: The flight model of the floatplane is progressingwell and the wheeled variant is being touched up too. The only taskleft is to code the gear warning lights to function like the realthing and re-work the soundset for hydroplaning sounds. Both planeswill be updated in parallel and be on par with regards to fixes andfeatures. The Kodiak update and Floatplane release are tentativelyscheduled for February.


#4 Pilatus PC-12: We recently signed a licensing agreement withPilatus Aircraft to bring their PC-12 to Microsoft Flight Simulator!Our current plan is to make two PC-12 releases: one will be thePC-12/47 which will come with a mixed glass/steam cockpit. Our goal isto have the aircraft out towards the middle of the year, built to thesame standard as the Kodiak. The second would be the Pilatus PC-12NGwith a fully-fledged custom glass cockpit, but due to the code workrequired, this is going to come in 2023.

All our aircraft will benefit from gradual updates and improvementswe will be doing to the Kodiaks, as we learn more about MSFS' SDK andwork around its limitations.

There are another two airframes that we are looking to bring intoMSFS under our banner before and after the PC-12, but we will withholdtheir names until we are better prepared to reveal them.

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