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Simworks Studios – Zenith CH701 STOL for MSFS 2020



First introduced in 1986, the STOL CH 701 aircraft was developed asan off-airport, short take-off and landing kit aircraft to fulfill thedemanding requirements of both sport pilots and first-timebuilders. With the STOL CH 701, designer Chris Heintz combined thefeatures and advantages of a “real†airplane with the short-fieldcapabilities of an “ultralight†aircraft. The aircraft features fixedleading-edge slats for high lift, full-span flaperons (both aileronsand flaps), an all-flying rudder, and durable all-metalconstruction.



The STOL CH 701 was not designed to be just another ‘pretty’ lightaircraft, but was engineered to offer outstanding short take-off andlanding performance, all-metal durability, and unparalleled ease ofconstruction. With form following function, the STOL CH701 looks likea ‘Sky Jeep’, as it is often called by its owners.

Popular since 1986, there are hundreds of STOL CH 701 aircraftflying around the world! Not many of the more than 500 STOL CH 701’sflying today can be found at airports – most are operated from shortoff-airport grass fields, in backyard fields and in remote areas. Theaircraft’s all-metal construction makes it suitable for continuousoutdoor storage – providing their owners with continuous cost savings(no hanger or tie-down fees).



Created in meticulous detail, the SWS 701 features:

  • Detailed visual model made from factory drawings
  • Realistic flight model with accurate STOL performance
  • Sounds recorded from the real aircraft
  • Detailed cockpit featuring custom instruments
  • Door and no-door variants in four liveries
  • A bush trip through New York state
  • Three airports improved with custom objects and ground textures
    • Lufker (49N)/Spadaro (1N2)
    • Sky Acres (44N)
    • Roxbury Runway (1NK0)



Note: The aircraft makes use of the default GNS530 and GTX330 systems.

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