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SimWorks Studio Working On Several Updates


Looks like SimWorks Studios are working hard on some pretty coolupdates for their Zenith, Kodiak and Okavango add-ons for MSFS:

It's been a while since we've given an update on the Kodiak, so nowis a good time to do it!

For the past few weeks, we have been working very hard behind thescenes to improve our model and fix various inaccuracies and mistakesthat we spotted during testing. We are finally at a point that we arehappy with the model and expect to have her fully finished next week,so we can show her in earnest!

The flight model is in the final stages of tuning and focus is nowon engine performance to close that front out.

The sounds for the aircraft were recorded from a real Kodiak andare 90% complete. Keep an ear out as we will soon be posting previewsfor it!

Work is also being put in the Zenith which is being tuned evencloser to its real-world counterpart. We are now working on thefloatplane's flight model and the ski-equipped variant, which will bereleased as free updates to the current 701.

We are also working hard on Okavango and trying to expand it toinclude the full delta. Seronga is nearly finished and will befollowed by Shakawe and the remaining 20 small airstrips to covereverything.



Regarding the CTDs some users experience, we are still looking intothe issue but are unable to reproduce it at all internally. Some usersreported that the problem "fixed itself", some found that starting ina default airport in the delta allowed them to fly in and land, otherslowered their graphics and it worked. As it seems to be related to SimUpdate 5, our official position is to wait for World Update 6 which,per the announcement, will address CTDs. In the meantime, we will keeppoking at it and if we can do something about it, we will! Below aresome shots of the Seronga Police camp, right next to the airstrip.

Lastly, we are quiet because there are a lot of exciting aircraftand scenery projects we are working on. Stay tuned as new projectswill be announced soon!


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