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SceneryTR Design Releases Istanbul Airport MSFS


Ä°stanbul Airport (ICAO: LTFM, IATA: IST) is the new maininternational airport serving Istanbul. It has been operating since2018 and it ranks 1st among airports in Turkey. The Istanbul Airport,built on an area of 76,5 million square meters aims to be a global hubbetween the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. The airport islocated to the northwest of Istanbul, by the Black Sea shore, about 40km from the city center.

The airport is still undergoing development phases and the targetis to reach a capacity of 200 million passengers, once all the phasesof the airport are operational. Currently the development Phase 1 iscompleted. As of Phase 1, Istanbul Airport with its terminal buildingof 1.4 million m2, multistorey carpark with 18,000 cars’ capacity, and5 runways in active operation has currently a passenger capacity of 90Million.

The airport currently has 5 parallel runways, 3 of which are CATII/III. The configuration allows 3 parallel landings and take offspossible. The airport is a hub for Turkish Airlines and AnadoluJet.


  • Detailed virtual replica of the airport buildings and its surroundings
  • Custom animated jetways
  • Custom ground textures, detailed markings
  • Custom taxiway signs
  • Custom airport vehicles, static objects, animations and effects
  • Flattened airport area


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