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Roman Design - CNC3 Brampton - Caledon Airport Pro for MSFS


Roman Design is proud to announce the release of CNC3Brampton Caledon Airport scenery package for Microsoft FlightSimulator 2020. This is a meticulously detailed scenery of awell-known local GA airport in Toronto area, where many of GTAenthusiast learn to fly and enjoy flying for many years. It wasdesigned from scratch for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.


Roman Design mission is to take Canadian scenery beyond the defaultand generic look, taking it to the next level. The ultimate goal isthat Canadian GA airports not just look plausible, but are actuallyinstantly recognizable and feel intimately familiar down to the verylast detail, even for real pilots who experience these airports everyday. Roman Design provides a home base for Canadian flight simulationenthusiasts, striving to make your local GA airport a place that youwill be proud to call home.


The Brampton-Caledon airport is famous by its signature blue GAhangars with red roofs and mostly open aircraft pods, and a largeopen-air tie-down parking area. The original generic scenery looksunrealistic and has many issues, including the lack of the parkingarea, "baked-in" aircraft silhouettes, unnatural grass textureetc. This scenery is replacing 28 generic hangars with a custom 3Dmodels and model variations and includes a total of 38 hand-modelledbuildings, as well as plethora of custom and stock objects carefullyplaced to increase realism and immersion.



  • 38 Hand-modeled 3D buildings throughout the airport
  • 28 signature blue semi-open hangars with red roofs modelled
  • Custom start parking spots on the apron (Ramp 11) and inside the hangar (Ramps 14 and 15)
  • Improved and redrawn taxiways, added missing lines and markings
  • Corrected and masked textures and terrain features
  • Multiple aircraft models parked in correct parking areas and inside signature open hangars
  • Main airport building with parallax windows and signage
  • Hand-modelled ultra-detailed small airport beacon on the main building’s roof, replacing unrealistic default large beacon tower
  • The Great War Flying Museum hangar with parallax windows and surrounding area
  • Museum exhibition building with signage
  • 3 accurate customized WWI fighter airplanes rolled out in front of the museum hangar, as they often are during public events – Fokker D1, SPAD S.VII, Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5
  • 4 Seasons Aviation building and area
  • Welcome airport sign with embedded props and surrounding vegetation
  • Animated Canadian and RAF flags that wave in the wind, following correct wind direction
  • Custom aprons and aircraft parking, with signature tie-down parking spots
  • Realistic Fuel area with appropriate equipment, personnel shed and correct night lighting
  • Custom night lighting of hangars, illuminating the planes inside and hangar sides
  • Authentic streetlamps around the main building
  • Parked cars, airport vehicles, painted car parking spaces and blocks, picnic tables, fences, vegetation and other random objects added at correct spots for more realism
  • Hand-drawn custom helipad at accurate location
  • Few remaining autogen hangars replaced with more suitable models
  • Wooden walking bridge between the main building and apron, including 2 decorative boulders and a picnic area
  • Added a windsock at the correct position with night lighting
  • Several animated people around the airport


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