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Rolling Cumulus Software - Flying Over The Pacific - The Solomon Campaign 1943


Allied success in the Solomon Islands campaign prevented the Japanese from cutting Australia and New Zealand off from the United States. Operation Cartwheel — the Allied grand strategy for the Solomons and New Guinea campaigns — launched on June 30, 1943, isolated and neutralized Rabaul and destroyed much of Japan's sea and air supremacy. This opened the way for Allied forces to recapture the Philippines and cut off Japan from its crucial resource areas in the Netherlands East Indies.


The "Jumping Jacks 44th Air Cargo Division" participated in this theater with their C-47s and C46s. You may join thesquadron of the famous two engine queens flying between the many Airfields taken from the enemy as months went by.Landing in short airfields full of mud, grass and mosquitoes bringing supplies to the troops and taking the wounded back to the main bases.


Wings Over The Pacific re-creates the wonderful and heroic work these pilots did with enemy fighters hunting for them day and night.


Fly over the Solomons in epic times



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