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Rolling Cumulus Releases The Colossal Mines Of Peru MSFS


Its been recorded through the years that there are 2,414 Mines in Peru. Silver, Copper, Lead, Gold and many other minerals have been mined over the centuries. There are all kinds but it is common to see many in an outcrop, shallow pit or a great big hole. Peru’s economy is diversified compared to other countries in the region, mining is the country’s economic engine driver.

Most mines are Colossal in size ranging in kilometers mostly in the high Andes Mountains. Helped by an abundance of untapped earth metal reserves, a steady flow of investment capital, Peru’s mining industry has unsurprisingly continued to gain momentum with each passing year.

Now you can Fly to TEN of the most interesting mines as well as to their dangerous Airfields up in the High Andes Mountains high and above 14,000 ft. Some airfields are short AND DANGEROUS and only High Turbo driven aircraft make the trips. DHC6’s are common in these skies and STOL planes are preferred.

Welcome to a wonderful and strange and unique scenery as well as very dangerous Skies.


  • Ten New First Time Seen Detailed Mines Airfields in Msfs 2020. The Mines: Cerro Pasco, Cuajone, Huaron, Morococha, Huaypetue, San Rafael, Haquira, Laguna Del Norte, Yanacocha, Quellaveco
  • Up To 20 Flights (3 Options on Setting Them Up)
  • Includes Rolling Cumulus Software’s “Selva Express†Texture for Default Beechcraft King Air 350i
  • Captain Arturo De Cordoba’s “Tips of Flying Over the Andes†Manual (Bonus)
  • Very Detailed Manual with Exact Coordinates of The Mines Plus Weather Suggestions
  • Detailed Routes to The Mines Showing Compass Degrees Plus Distance
  • Optimized For Great Visual Quality and Performance
  • Designed for High Powered Turbo Aircraft
  • Highly Recommended for Experienced “Bush Pilotsâ€

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