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Rolling Cumulus Releases Selva Express Episode 2 MSFS


Once again we join the only Airline flying the Famous DC-3 (or any other plane you desire) in the back country of Bolivia. The Andes Mountains cross this beautiful country where aviation has reign since the early 1900s. By 1923 the first school of aviation was found and since then many a plane of all types has flown over its sky.

Selva Express flies passengers and supplies all over the country and its DC3’s are famous. Yesterday Capt Loui Fresco, CEO of Selva Express opened new Captain and First Officer opportunities in the airline. Get in line, many a pilot from all over the world are already waiting for their chance to fly over this jungle sky….

Welcome Pilot!!!!


  • Ten New Airfields In The Outback Of Bolivia (20 Flights):
    Santa Rosa de Vigo, San Pedro, El Tuco, Tebicuary, Puerto Italia, Punta Sanson, Rio Lindo, Puerto Finito, Matorral, El Salado
  • Optimized for great visual quality and performance
  • Designed for the “old DC-3†but you may fly with any aircraft on your hangar
  • Two unique “Selva Express and “Aerolinea Sobre Selva†textures for freeware DC-3

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