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Rolling Cumulus Releases EQUATOR’S QUEEN Flying In Ecuador's deepest jungles MSFS


Ecuador is home to thousands of plant species in great areas of deep jungle within it there are many Towns and Villages that can only be reached by air. There are many Airfields which are known and many more which are not. “Aero Transportes†DC-3s have been flying these skies for many years and once more New pilots are being required. Fly the “Equator’s Queen†as this venerable aircraft is known here. Check with the Chief Pilot of the Airline if you are up to the task and fly over the Green Mantle. Notice: Bush Flying Experience will get you in quick!!

  • Includes Ten NEW Airfields:
    Atahualpa(Airline’s Base), Wampuk, Cocolizo, El Carmen, Tiputini, Jimbiquiti, F. de Orellana, Ayuy, Santa Rosa, Tiburon.
  • FREE High Detail “AERO TRANSPORTES†Livery for FREEWARE Aircraft
    * or use Any Aircraft you Desire to these airfields.
  • Use any weather Theme.(Sugested Weather for every Flight in Manual)
  • Detail Map and Route for Every Flight–
  • Complete detailed Manual

Purchase Rolling Cumulus - EQUATOR’S QUEEN – Flying in Ecuador’s deepest jungles – MSFS
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