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Rolling Cumulus--News Of Our Soon Adventure!


After the bombing of Pearl Harbor the USA was involved in two majorwar theaters, in Europe and in the Pacific. Support for the US forcesand those of its Allies was urgently needed and the start of theMilitary Air Transport Command (ATC) commenced.

All airlines were recruited to help in the endeavor and the initialsteps to make a World Traveling Airline were taken.

To meet the needed requirements Air Transport Command was dividedinto nine Divisions each with a geographical sector. Thus the worlddelivery system began small and grew to formidable size.

Many planes were used but it was the C-47, a conversion of thecommercial DC-3, that was paramount in all divisions of ATC. The othersthat also were of great use were the C-46, Consolidated C-87 andeventually the great C-54, it's is known that three DC-5s were used inthe Pacific.

RCS has been the only provider of scenery, flights and missions ofthis great outfit in FSX and is now our pleasure to honor the greatpilots of ATC here in MSFS, who during all of WW2 performed gracefullyand heroically without making much noise! That conflict could not everbeen won without this magnificent World Airline.

We hope you enjoy the scenery of some of the forgotten and closedair bases in the India/China Command as well as the dangerous flightsand missions that were part of the daily tasks of WW2 ATC. Welcome toEpisode I in MSFS...coming soon.

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