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Rolling Cumulus - MSFS Real VFR Coming Soon


Flying VFR in many parts of the world is not as easy as itsounds. Sure you get to see beautiful sights but with low clouds andpowerful thunderstorms around you or fog at your destination it canbe a challenging experience.

Real VFR will take you to an area of Bolivia that for many years hasdepended on aviation for its imports and exports. Today there are many"forgotten airfields" all over this large Department. Many of thembought by ranchers and some just forgotten for good! No ICAOdesignation for these and not easily found on maps.


Real VFR must be flown by pilots who rely on their skills fornavigating by following their compass and being careful in computingtime of flight. If these skill are not available to the pilot as wellas reading the weather most probably he will not find his destination.

This is a challenge for all pilots who will take the job to six farout in the boondocks forgotten airfields with no designation but withmuch history.



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