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Rolling Cumulus - Extreme Bush Flights - Inclement Weather


All over the world there are "one man aviation enterprises"; in thisepisode you will meet three of them.

Kabir Mashmat operates his one man taxi service in the mountains ofnorthern India taking passengers and cargo from Muzaffarabad up toHakutar almost on a daily basis. His business is good and he islooking at Cessna catalogs for another plane; he thinks it will be athird hand Cessna 208, one of the first ones.

Norman Frets flies out of Deline, north west Canada covering aroute which takes him to three outposts with small airfields. He alsotakes passengers and freight in his little plane. It's cold up thereand many storms blow over the route which he makes once a week.

Olafur Brikzons flies out of Reykjavik in Iceland and usually takescargo to Sanda, Kopavik and ends up in Hugovik. The route isinteresting, bare valleys, mountains and over the cold northernsea.

Join them and taste the rigors of One Man Extreme Bush FlyingEnterprises.



  • 3 bush flights in rainy weather in India, Iceland and Canada (you can change weather)
  • Stops in grass, dirt and paved runways in cities, towns, villages and in the middle of nowhere
  • Six new airports, not seen before in MSFS
  • Optimized for great visual quality and performance
  • Detailed route indicated along the flights
  • Flights can be followed in several freeware moving maps
  • Experience dangerous approaches in fog and bad weather (recommended)
  • Fly using only your compass for exciting and real to life situations
  • Use any plane in your hangar
  • Listen to instructions from the pilots themselves
  • Real time weather information
  • Maps and route documentation


Purchase Rolling Cumulus - Grass & Dirt On Your Wheels - Episode 5 - Inclement Weather For MSFS

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