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Rolling Cumulus - Devil's Cauldrons - Episode 1 for MSFS


After many years you can finally see the earth from the sky as it reallyis. Bush pilot's dream has arrived with MSFS 2020 for now the valleys,jungles, mountains are real! We are happy to bring bush pilots and otherstoo, eight flights to some of the most dangerous volcanoes on earth! Listento the history of the volcanoes you will fly over, and even land on, beforeeach flight and check the "exact" weather over them. They can explode atany moment!




  • Eight daring flights to monster volcanoes waiting for you: Vesuvius, Mount Bromo, Cotopaxi, Mount Merapi, Michinmahuida, Isluga, Agustine Volcano, Mount Nyiragongo
  • Sound history of each volcano
  • Detailed maps with route to the volcanoes
  • Weather information for each individual volcano for your flying day
  • Complete instructions



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