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Rolling Cumulus - Central America Caribbean Coast Trip And Mission


Welcome pilots--Central America is a region of the Americas. It isbordered by Mexico to the north, Colombia to the southeast, theCaribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west andsouth. Central America consists of seven countries: El Salvador, CostaRica, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. The combinedpopulation is estimated at 44.53 million (2016).

Central America is a part of the Mesoamerican biodiversity hotspot,which extends from northern Guatemala to central Panama. Due to thepresence of several active geologic faults and the Central AmericaVolcanic Arc, there is a great deal of seismic activity in the region,such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, which has resulted indeath, injury and property damage.


This "Bush Trip" covers around 1249 NM of the Atlantic or CaribbeanOcean shores of five countries, giving you many hours of flying overthese coasts. We encourage you to "customize" the trip by diverting toother airfields along the way as well as fly over towns and citiesnear by. Our "Little Pilots" will be giving you information about themany places you will be going to.

As a bonus, you will find the complete flight plan which you canalternatively fly as a mission which is somewhat more difficult.



  • Fly in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama
  • 14 stops in grass, dirt and paved runways in cities, towns, villages and in the middle of jungles
  • Optimized for MSFS 2020
  • Detailed route indicated along the flights
  • Flights can be followed in several freeware moving maps
  • Bonus...RCS/mission option
  • Old type knee board for the trip or mission


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