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Rolling Cumulus Announces New Format Adventure Trips COMING SOON


MSFS "Trips" are fun for about three trips. Then they get boring, they all do the same."Sightseeing" around the sky in a very easy way by following the compass and see where they take you. They are ok for beginner pilots but not for Professional Experienced Pilots.

Our "REAL RCS TRIPS" have been designed following real Flight Plans giving routes with distances in NM and Compass Bearings---You like real pilots will :Study a Flight Plan, Check Waypoints, Note Stops, Weather and Locations where you Divert from the regular route in order to reach a given objective.

You will communicate with your dispatcher at specific locations for instructions. You get these by VIDEO and VOICE.

You will fly complete "DAYS" with many parameters.The Weather man will indicate the weather for the day's flight or for specific Legs of the day. As experienced pilot you will calculate Time to and From the given point and calculate reciprocal direction to the airport you took off from in order to continue the next leg.

Three categories are presented: Easy for new pilots, Medium for pilots with some experience and Hard for Professional pilots.

Coming soon to an Airport near you!

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