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REX Game Studios - REX AccuSeason for MSFS Technical Update 1.0


Changelog Technical Update 1.0

  • FIXED – Automated preset installation
  • FIXED – Short tree height option not persisting
  • FIXED – Compatibility for Microsoft Flight Simulator v.
  • ADDED – Option within the Automation window in which a user can set the desired system time that automation installation is engaged

What is REX AccuSeason?

AccuSeason is a modern, feature-rich application containing a largecollection of seasonal presets and vegetation configuration optionsthat display seasons globally. In addition, you can select treeheight, deciduous tree canopy type and color tone!

In AUTOMATION MODE, REX automatically displays tree colors based oncurrent date and flight location! Our dynamic automation tech displaysfoliage based on current date and automatically changes tree colorsthroughout the year with weekly tree color changes during autumn intowinter in the northern hemisphere.

Dynamic Automation

Automated Dynamic Seasons provides an accurate representation offoliage as it changes within each season throughout the year. Watchtree colors change as they progress through the season, such as weeklychanges during the northern hemisphere's Autumn to Winter andbi-weekly or monthly changes during other times of the year. Allautomatic as the app applies foliage colors based on current date andrequires no user interaction! You may also manually select any prioror future time periods. For example, if it is late Autumn and you wantto fly in an early Autumn, you can select that time period and fly inearly Autumn foliage.

Multiple Presets

With REX AccuSeason, you get a large amount of realistic andvisually pleasing presets to use in your simulator. Every season hasmultiple unique presets with more to be added in future updates.

Global Seasons

Seasons are represented globally, with the season in the northernhemisphere opposite of the season in the southern hemisphere. You canfly from New York in autumn and arrive in Buenos Aires with springvegetation. Or fly out of Sydney in Australia's winter and arrive inSeattle with summer vegetation.

Updates to Regional Vegetation

Many areas in the world have been updated to reflect vegetationmore accurately. Conifer trees have been replaced in Iceland with moreapplicable vegetation. A large central part of the United States hasbeen updated to display deciduous trees rather than a large coniferforest. Palm trees have been added to many cities where before therewere none.

New biomes have been created to depict steppe, tundra, Australianscrublands, New Zealand vegetation, and different coniferregions. Updating regional vegetation is a large and ongoing effortand many more improvements will be made in the future as we continueto develop further.

Winter Deciduous Trees

Microsoft Flight Simulator snow gives us attractive winterlandscapes. To move to the next level, REX AccuSeason offers OURrendition of deciduous winter trees for all areas where the simulatordepicts deciduous trees and the winter season applies. These treesshow significantly less leaves and look great in winter landscapeswith or without snow.

Adjust The Tree Height

To further customize your experience, REX AccuSeason offers threeoptions for tree height: short, medium, and tall. Additionally, sometrees have been properly sized in the app to reflect more realisticproportions, such as the massively sized default trees that display inSydney, Australia.

Select the Deciduous Tree Canopy

An irregular-shaped canopy for deciduous trees is available inaddition to the default shape (which is predominantly a roundedcanopy). The irregular-shaped canopy makes a nice difference, asdeciduous trees with irregular canopies look more varied in shape. Thecolor within the tree often has more color variation, and colors ingeneral appear deeper and richer.

Select Your Choice of Vegetation’s Overall Color Tone

REX AccuSeason lets you select the overall color tone that looksbest to you with a choice of three color tones: cool, warm andneutral.

Manage Your Seasons and Customization with a Modern App!

With all the vegetation options provided, the app allows you tochoose your selections quickly and easily. No need to manually workwithin Windows folder structures to change files or edit textdocuments. Simply select preset and customization choices within theapp and it will do all the work for you. As future enhancements aredeveloped, updates will occur automatically, so no need for frequentdownloading and manipulating files.

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