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Release Update NL2000 5.03


In these hard times the NL2000 team is bringing yousome new and adjusted scenery.

With our project "Moving Objects" we added an extra dimension tothe realism of our scenery. Like: moving trains, sailing ships andmoving animals in Safaripark "De Beeksebergen".

EHGG is a complete new version with a new Cirrus hangar andpassenger walkways. EHLE is updated with the extended runway, newground textures, extended tower and a new apron. Also the main buildingon the north side of the field is added. EHAM has an adjustedaltitude and there is a new heliport in the Pistoolhaven and ainproved version of the province of Groningen.

There are new packages for: Moving Objects, EHGG, EHAM, EHLE, theNL2000 library, Groningen en NL2000 3D. The new installer v4.0.104 isrequired. The new installer is also compatible with Prepar3D V5. Wehave however not fully tested the functionality of NL-2000 withV5.

Happy Flying
Joop Mak
NL2000 Team

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