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RealWorld Scenery Releases Alaska Scenery For MSFS


Take off to the great white north with two new airport scenerypackages of Alaska from Real World Scenery for MicrosoftFlight Simulator:

PAUN Unalakleet Alaska

This airport was featured on the TV show Flying Wild Alaska. Thisairport is one of the homes to Ravn Alaska airlines, delivering muchneeded supplies to surrounding communities. This airport is missingfrom the default MSFS installation but has been meticulously remade bythe folks at Realworld Scenery. Including the satellite imagery forthe airport along with accurately detailed models made as detailed aspossible to resemble the real airport. Custom made scenery to get youas close to the real thing as possible.


Purchase RWS - PAUN Unalakleet Alaska for MSFS


PAOM Nome Alaska

In the far northwest of Alaska this airport offers amazing sceneryand challenging weather conditions year-round. Nome is also the finishline for the world famous Iditarod dog sled race. Nome Airport is astate-owned public-use airport which is situated at a distance of twonautical miles (3.7 km) west of the central business district of Nomecity in the Nome Census Area of the U.S. state of Alaska.


There are two runways at the airport which are asphalt paved whichare mainly used for general aviation purpose, however the airport isalso utilized for air-taxi, and military operations. Alaska Airlinesoffer 737 flights and Ravn Alaska Airlines operates many smalleraircraft out of Nome.

Nome airport has been meticulously remade by the folks atRealworld Scenery to include accurate models made as detailed aspossible to resemble the real airport. Our custom made scenery isdesigned with one thing in mind, to get you as close to the real thingas possible.

Purchase RWS - PAOM Nome Alaska for MSFS

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