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Realworld Scenery - Kodiak Alaska PADQ for P3Dv4


Kodiak, Alaska-PADQ, a lot more than just the airport.

With your home base at PADQ, plus the surrounding region, there aremiles and miles of unseen wild to explore. Escape to one of the mostbeautiful places on earth, with majestic mountains and coastaltundra. It's the biggest photoreal area ever made for flightsim inAlaska. Take the journey...Kodiak, Alaska.


  • Highly detailed airport PADQ
  • Includes the U.S. Coast Guard Station, and detailed base area
  • PBR materials used in combination making the ground textures
  • Miles and miles of surrounding photo-real terrain, populated with 3D vegetation and houses
  • Summer and winter seasons
  • Custom placed autogen houses
  • Features dynamic lighting on tarmac area
  • Custom made night time road lights with color splash
  • 3D taxiway edge lights

This scenery is frame rate friendly!



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