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RDJ Simulations - MSFS Space N Sea


RDJ Simulations presents RDJ MSFS Space N Sea for Microsoftflight simulator 2020.

Going to the outer edges of this simulator, we go to space with the ISSInternational Space Station and many others, and to sea with various shipsand boats, all pilotable. Container ships to tanker ships to aircraftcarriers to plain old shrimp boats are pilotable from the virtual cockpit orfrom exterior views. A ship and boat simulator within MSFS is the result.


Sea Features

We got a lot of request from online to make some ships that you cannavigate on the new MSFS waters and with the new sea waves that can be madein MSFS. We went to work. We came up with some new weather presets that wouldwork for our ships and have sea waves.

These files are copied and pasted by you into your Community folder withall the other files needed and they show up with the default weather presetsand you can save flights with them also. We also include new weather presetsfor aircraft use such as the famous building storms. These new waves weatherpresets allow our ships to be able to sail in various clear or cloudy weatheror even with low sea fog but with great wave action thus taking this sim to anew real level.

This add-on also addresses others that like to see wake trails from AIships. We made animated alpha wakes for our AI ships.


Space Features

The space portion of this package includes the ISS International SpaceStation. Command the space station from external views or from the cockpit asit orbits the Earth at 250 thousand feet, which is the highest MSFS lets yougo in aircraft mode. Use the saved flights or launch from an airport andpress the Y key; you will instantly be taken up to space. Press the Y keyagain to fly it. It is mostly for viewing the MSFS Earth as a sceneryflight.

Also there is the space balloon. It is the same, offering breath-takingviews of Earth from its tourist cockpit or from the exterior view. There arealso scenery views from the Space Shuttle and the Apollo orbiter.


Other Features

Take a flight over NYC harbor in the tourist Huey helicopter or blimp toview the AI ship traffic. It includes virtual cockpits and door and windowviews and high stability fow viewing and flying at the same time. There aremany ships including several Circle Line tourist boats.

We also include container ports and oil refinery ports as added bglscenery for ships as ports in some locations all over the World that you viewfrom the dock as you set sail.

There are also aircraft carriers that you pilot as air traffic lands andtakes off on training missions.

Take the saved sail flights that are included that you copy into your MSFSsaved flights folder. These will spawn at the various included ports orunderway in famous locations like at the Golden Gate Bridge or New Yorkharbor and many other locations worldwide.

The ships are also used as AI sailing scenery as you sail along with themor pass them coming the other way; special bounding boxes were added to theAI models so they never dissappear as you view them.


There are also shimp boats and even the "Orca" from the movie "Jaws" andCreature From The Black Lagoon Rita River adventure with lots of jungle riverscenery. And a garbage barge complete with animated flying birds; wear yourmask for that one!

Includes AI animated birds flying at all saved flight spawned locations,insects buzzing, dinosaurs on the banks... The saved flights take you tolocations all over the World whether it is container or oil ports to in spacelocations.


For Space:

  • International Space Station
  • Space Shuttle
  • Apollo module
  • Space balloon
  • Asteroids
  • 1960's Star Trek USS Enterprise
  • UAPs or UFOs

For Sea:

  • Container ship
  • Lumber ship
  • Oil tanker ship
  • Oil rig
  • Circle Line tourist boat
  • Garbage barge
  • Shrimp boat
  • The "Orca" boat
  • the "Rita" boat
  • Nuclear sub
  • WW2 era sub
  • WW2 era battleship
  • WW2 USS Hornet
  • WW2 Ark Royale
  • USS Constitution sailing ship


  • AI ships
  • Container ports
  • Oil tanker ports
  • Animated AI birds
  • Animated palm trees
  • Animated Times Square billboards
  • Animated crocodiles
  • Black Lagoon creatures
  • Dinosaurs
  • Dragon flies
  • River shacks
  • Tourist UH1 Huey helicopter
  • Goodyear Blimp

A real project...from RDJ Simulations.

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