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Prepar3D v5.1 Hotfix 1 Now Available


The Prepar3D v5.1 Hotfix 1 contains additional fixes for highpriority issues identified after release.

Only the Client installer is required for the majority of fixespresent in Prepar3D v5.1 Hotfix 1. Therefore, the Content, Scenery,and SDK installers are optional. Each fix listed below is categorizedper installer. Please note, you must first have Prepar3D v5 installedto utilize any of the standalone installers (Client, Content, andScenery). The Prepar3D v5.1 Hotfix 1 update may require you toreactivate your product, however if you have an internet connection orhave not made any major hardware changes between installations thisshould not be an issue. For more information please view thePrepar3D v5 Download and Installation Directions.


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