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PMDG Updates 777 Products For P3D v4/v5


PMDG 777 product line updates released via Operations Center.

As discussed in my 11MAR21 update, we have just pushed a series ofupdates that covers the entire PMDG 777 product line for Prepar3Dv4/v5. This update is really focused on quality-of-flight improvementsfor the 777, with updates to the pitch control module in the C*Uportion of fly-by-wire as some code improvements to eliminate anout-of-context acceleration that would occur at high AOA/ANU while theaircraft was rolling on the main landing gear.

We have also gone through quite a few other smaller items asdetailed in the change list, and the usual other polish/tweaking thatwe do with update cycles.

We are going to expand the concentration iris a bit over the nextfew weeks, to include dragging a few changes back over to the 747 and737 product lines in order to clean up problems that are "universal"across the product lines (the out-of-context acceleration for example)to those product lines- and we have some backlogged fixes that havepiled up while we focused on the 777 exclusively and we push those outfor you- as we now to the point where our workflow will balance outbetween our four active product lines more evenly. (The 4th is DC-6,for those wondering!)


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