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PMDG Response To P3D v5 Hotfix 2


Some notes on the pending HF2 update from Lockheed Martin and whatto expect from PMDG - PMDG Simulations.

We have been holding updates to the 737 and 747 product lines,pending the release of the Prepar3D v5 HF2 update.

It seems that this update has been giving the dev team at LockheedMartin some fits, which is frustration we can certainly appreciate asfellow developers.

In an effort to clearly communicate expectations, I want to be sureyou have a clear understanding of what we are waiting on, and what ourtimeline looks like to release these two updates we have pending. Weare waiting on the HF2 update because some of the changes thatLockheed Martin is making impact the appearance of dynamic lightingwithin the sim. We have gone through a few iterations of HF2, whichcaused us to have to re-shuffle changes in the lighting system, so weelected to sit on our hands until the final version of HF2 isavailable so that we can make a last round of changes without concernthat further changes would be required after it lands on yourmachine.

We will get the release version of HF2 at the same time all of youreceive it. We will then need a bit of time to go through and review adozen or so different areas where we know changes have taken place inorder to validate that changes are-or-are-not required in ourproducts. Depending upon what we find, this might take a few hours orit might take a few days. Once we have our changes made, we will pushfinal versions of our updates out to our beta teams in order to allowthem to validate that we didn't break anything during the finaladjustments.

Once we are comfortable that we have a solid update build we willpush them out to you. This will happen sometime in the 4-14 day windowfrom when we get the RTM. (It is a wide window because we don't oftenknow what we are getting in fixes to the platform and it is doesrequire quite a bit of checking...)

The 747 update will come to you in the form of a micro-update viaOperations Center.

The 737 update will be a full re-install because we are adding theP5D platform to that product line concurrent with this update.

While this is going on, we are not sitting still- there is a TON ofwork going on behind the scenes that I am unable to detail for you. Inaddition to that work, we are also building a sizeable update for 777as previous discussed, working on PMDG Global Flight Operations andthe BBJ/BBJ2 and 737 Cargo variants expansion packages for the NGXuproduct lines.

Lots of things happening...

We'll be in touch once we have a bit more clarity on the HF2 release.


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