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PMDG Releases New DC-6 Build For MSFS 2020


For the last couple of weeks we have been focused mostly onfinding/fixing problems that have occurred as a result of thecontinued growth in the MSFS platform, and today we have just pushedanother update aimed at bringing some closure to a few such itemswhile cleaning up a couple of others. You can grab the update to2.00.0036 via the PMDG Operations Center, as normal effective just afew moments ago.

Changes for this build are included here:

  • PMDG DC-6 for MSFS v2.00.0036 Released 2021-08-05
  • 0010128: [External Model - Geometry] Pink door frames on DC6A after MSFS SU (jbrown)
  • 0010127: [External Model - Lighting] Landing Light and Wing lights still have light texture when OFF. (jbrown)
  • 0010120: [External Model - Geometry] NAV and beacon lights INOP after MSFS SU (jbrown)
  • 0010133: [systems Behavior/Functionality] Remove sequential prop de-icing verbiage from POH (hvanrensburg)
  • 0010118: [External Model - Geometry] Outside view issues when using VR (jbrown)
  • 0010129: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures/Appearance] Floating knobs for Captain/FO Lights (vscimone)
  • 0010125: [systems Behavior/Functionality] GPS NAV1 Volume knob still spinning after MSFS SU (hvanrensburg)

We very much appreciate the patience and humor you have shownduring this transition from MSFS to MSFS Performance Plus. For us, theexperience has been a bit like sitting cross-legged on a yoga ball ina dark room on a ship navigating rough waters while balancing a trayof flaming champagne glasses with an eye patch on one eye... Theremight also be someone throwing MSFS branded tennis balls in thiscircus act, at times it is hard to tell, but I think you get thepoint.

This is a strange time in history generally, with much of the worldhoping to get in some normal summer vacation after 18 months ofcaptivity, and it is also an odd time for simmers since a major updatefor everyone's favorite platform dropped while many involved in theplatform and the dev community generally are in some stage of leavingfor/enjoying/returning from the aforementionedmuch-needed-vacation. This is having a disruptive impact oncommunication and making it a bit harder for all of us to determinewhich things popping up are "a PMDG problem to solve" or "aplatform-update-related hiccup that Asobo will fix later."

We continue to log/track/research things just as quickly as we can,and as we adapt the product to the changes in the platform we willcontinue to hand you updates to keep you moving with the latest sothat your enjoyment of the DC-6 is not interrupted.

In other PMDG news:

Right now about 75% of the development team's workflow is dedicatedto getting the 737 into testing. We had originally planned to put the737 into the hands of our beta team around 01AUG, but that timelinewent up in flames when we learned through a blog-post that Microsofthad their Performance Plus update coming for the base platform. Thenew update sort of threw things into chaos around here and we haven'tmade the sort of progress we had anticipated in July, but we arebeginning to see forward progress on 737 once again and I am justitching to begin the preview process. Not much longer for thatnow!

Also in the background, we are putting an update for the PMDG 747Queen of the Skies product line together for our beta teams. Thisupdate includes our new LNAV and flight director models and will bethe first major overhaul to this area of our technology in nearly 12years, which is exciting. The plan is that once our beta team signsoff on it, we will push that to you and then begin rolling it into the777 and 737 airplanes, both of which should go pretty quickly once thebase tech is signed off in the 747. Once LNAV and the flight directorare updated, we will make another pass-through to update the navdataprocess for all three product lines, which is thethird-leg-of-the-stool for this core technology update cycle.

And of course, the great news is that all of this will come to youat no cost with an update.

Happy Birthday PMDG!

07AUG will mark PMDG's 24th birthday! To celebrate, we are going togive you one week of 24% off all PMDG products for Prepar3D, beginningat 0001Z 07AUG21! If you have been on the fence about that new777-200ER, now is your chance to save big, and we won't even make youeat an extra helping of cake in order to qualify!

It is astounding to all of us that PMDG continues to grow andthrive after all of these years, and on behalf of all of us on thePMDG team, thank you. We couldn't have gotten here without you and wevery much appreciate your business! (Now have some cake!)


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