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PMDG Notice Regarding Sim Update 5 And Their DC-6


As mentioned in last night's NOTAM, we have released an update forthe PMDG DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator tonight. The update isavailable to you now via the PMDG Operations Center.

To obtain the update, simply run the PMDG Operations Center and goto the aircraft updates page. You will find it prompts you with anavailable update to 2.00.0033. Easy!

This update was driven primarily by the need to update theproduct in order to ensure compatibility with MSFS after theplatform's significant update that was released on 27JUL21 byAsobo/Microsoft. The platform changes driven by its continueddevelopment caused many breaking changes that required modificationsto the PMDG DC-6 in order to ensure compatibility and smooth operationof the airplane within the sim environment.

Listing these breaking changes is a bit beyond the scope of what Iwant to do here as they are mostly irrelevant to all of us who areend-users. What matters is that changes were made to continuecompatibility.

That being said, we have the development team standing by to seehow the DC-6 does in the new environment because we are nearly certainthat some issues will have slipped by our notice, as we were unable togive the DC-6 a proper test cycle in the new MSFS environment. Weapologize for this, as normally we like to thoroughly test releasesbefore handing them to you, but we were only invited into the MSFStesting environment for the new update when it was within days ofrelease to you. Thus our effort to catalog/research/fix problems ranessentially from Wednesday-to-Friday of last week with us handing alaundry list of problems off to our friends at Asobo beginning onFriday morning.

Amazingly in spite of our late addition to their test process,Asobo took our reports and was able to work in fixes for the issues wereported back to them on Friday morning. The spirit of cooperationfrom Asobo to act on these reports so very late in their developmentcycle is worth calling out with an ovation. We tend not to communicatewith them often, but it speaks volumes of them that they areuniversally responsive and helpful, so I want to thank them for thatpublicly.

In the midst of all these changes, we also wrapped in a few other changes from our collection of service reports.

Exciting times ahead, everyone! Thank you so much for yourcontinued support of our products; we do very much appreciate it.


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