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PMDG New Update On DC-6 For MSFS 2020


A few moments ago we updated the PMDG DC-6 for MSFS to build2.00.0037. You can get this update via the PMDG Operations Centerupdate page.

The update is VERY small and just cleans up a few things thatbecame necessary after the Microsoft SU5 update to MSFS. These itemsinclude:

  • Released 2021-08-31
  • 0010150: [sounds] Seat belt / smoking chimes sound if airplane power is turned off (hvanrensburg)
  • 0010149: [systems Behavior/Functionality] Pilot avatars are missing (cbpowell)
  • 0010148: [External Model - Lighting] Prop side reflection in direct sunlight is suboptimal (jbrown)

This update was ready a few weeks ago, but we were chasing our tailon a few other items that we have determined will require correctionswithin the MSFS platform itself and thus there was no reason to keepholding these three items. This bring the DC-6 up to a state where wefeel it is ready to go into the MSFS Marketplace and we will (wehope?) hand that off to Microsoft - so good news for folks that havebeen waiting for that avenue to open.

In my last update, I mentioned that we were caught out byMicrosoft's major platform update in late July. We received ourtesting access for the platform change only about 5 days prior to itreleasing to the market, so we scrambled a bit to get the DC-6 to playwell with the new platform update and this knocked us off our game abit. This update made some significant changes to the core of theplatform that required a bit of re-work on the DC-6, and that pulledquite a bit of our development time away from the 737, thus slowingthat project down unexpectedly. While we have moved resources back tothe 737 where we want them, I am still finding that progress is goinga bit slower than we would like because the changes brought to thecore platform have been a bit challenged, it would seem. We have hadto feel our way through a few things trying to determine "is thissomething we need to change permanently in the 737? Or is thissomething we should ignore for now because it is a bug in the platformthat Asobo will fix later?"

Normally we would simply bounce the questions off Asobo, and wehave continued to do so, but this is the holiday season and that hasslowed the reply loop. When the sun comes up in the morning, it willbe 01SEP and we are expecting that things will speed up readily andthat should get us back to moving at normal pace here shortly.

The 737 looks absolutely sumptuous in MSFS and I am *pretty* surewe will start showing her to you this month...

On the 747 side of the house, the new LNAV module is in testing andis about to get another update for our beta testers later thisweek. WIth any major logical update of this size, there are alwayscorner cases that need to be adjusted, but so far the feedback is thatthe update is a significant improvement over the legacy LNAVmodel. Once it completes testing we will roll it out to you via amicro update. The timeline for that is a bit fuzzy, but I'll keep youposted!

Okay, that is all for tonight... we hope you are all enjoying yourend of summer and remaining healthy!


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