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PMDG Further Updates DC-6 For MSFS 2020


A few moments ago we released another update for the PMDG DC-6 forMSFS via the Operations Center.

This update is primarily targeted at visual aspects of the PMDGDC-6 that were incorrectly exported in build 33, but also includes acouple of minor fixes in our ongoing maintenance of the product andcurative efforts for some of the things that changed with the largeMSFS platform update released this week.

I mentioned in in my post earlier this week that PMDG was admittedto the test program for the new MSFS update with only a few days toprep the DC-6 for the transition. We missed some key documentationchanges related to Asobo's SDK, and this caused us to accidentallyexport the DC-6 cockpit at lower resolution than normal, which createdsome really bad visuals in the VC. This update cures that problem byputting the cockpit back to the correct resolution.

We have implemented something that we *think* fixes the problem ofthe randomly spinning volume knob on the Asobo GPS used in theDC-6. We aren't sure why that knob is an issue, but we were able toimplement a way to make it stop spinning, which then unsticks the AFEwho was getting hung up by that particular artifact.

Also included in this update:

  • Level-of-detail (LOD) fixes for the exterior
  • Overhauled the cabin heating/cooling system for correctness
  • Cabin pressurization fixes
  • Engine health display fixes

We have other items we are still working on, but thought it wasimportant to get you this update in time for your weekend flying!

One last item I want to touch on: I mentioned in my previous postthat we had reported back to Asobo that in their last build prior toplatform update, we saw a significant drop in performance in theDC-6. Continuing discussion with Asobo has shown that we weren't notimagining this change- there was indeed a change made to the releaseversion of the MSFS platform that took performance away from theDC-6.

Asobo indicated that they turned off a particular rendering channelbecause it needed more time in development to solve a few problems,and it just happens that the DC-6 benefits significantly from thisparticular channel- hence we saw the loss of performance in therelease build. The good news, however, is that they were able toresolve the issues they were experiencing, and this channel isexpected to be reactivated in a subsequent update from Asobo- and thenyou will see a pretty significant boost in performance with theDC-6.

So, good things still to come!


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