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PMDG Announces Release of PMDG 737-800 MSFS


A few moments ago we have released to you this wonderful newsimulation product through our store at http://www.pmdg.com. It is availableunder special "Early Adopter" pricing for $69.99 through the end ofthe early adopter period, which we anticipate will end in October.

The 737-800 is by far the most popular of the vaunted Boeing 737series, with nearly 5,000 units produced by Boeing, and nearly 4,600still in operation worldwide. This airplane serves as the backbone tomany world airline fleets, with some famous names attaching theirgrowth to the success of the 800 as a market builder, such as RyanAir,Southwest, Delta and others.

PMDG have faithfully reproduced the details and nuances of thisairplane, from both large and small differences in the aircraftsystems, to the differences in how the airplane flies and the uniqueenergy management challenges it presents to pilots flying the 737-800in the real world. Now you too, can experience the difference betweenflying the longer, heavier sibling of the 737-600 and 737-700airplanes!

One of the details that simmers will notice right away is thechange in pitch technique required when leaving and returning to arunway. In the 737-800, speed management and pitch control are farmore important. Rotate at too low a speed, and you risk dragging thetail. Get slow on final approach and you have the same risk. Speedcontrol is important, and recognizing the difference in deck anglerequired will make it interesting for those of you who routinelyswitch between the shorter 700 and the longer 800 such as pilots atmany airlines are required to do.

We have been working hard all summer to bring you this in depth,high accurate simulation of the 737-800 and all of it's systems. Weappreciate your company this summer during our work and we hope youenjoy taking her out on flying adventures the world over!

Since the 737 product line is in it's Early Adopter period, we havemany new features still coming during the days and weeks ahead! Staytuned here for previews of our upcoming PMDG Universal Flight Tablet,expanded features for the entire 737 product line and of course theupcoming 737-900 series as well!

Thank you from all of us on the PMDG team. We are celebrating 25years of bringing highly detailed aircraft simulations to the simmingmarketplace- and your enthusiasm for our products is very muchappreciated. The hard work of Asobo and Microsoft, combined with yourenthusiasm in the market have combined to create a better environmentfor PMDG's products than we have ever seen- and we most appreciateyour embrace of our product lines.


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