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PMDG 737-700 for MSFS Update 3.00.0025


The first is that we have just pushed a new update for the PMDG 737-700 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This update brings us to build 3.00.0025 and introduces a number of cleaning-up details that have been the focus of the development team's attention span. While we are busy at work with final testing on the the 737-600, implementing final rounds of changes for the 737-800 and new EFB implementation across the entire 737 fleet, we are also continuing to clean, polish, fix, adjust and improve the 737-700. This update brings you an accumulation of things that are detailed in the change list.

One big change with this update that is very important to note isthat we have updated the 737 to include a new ground steering modelthat more tightly integrates the 737 into MSFS. It is important tonote that this will require anyone with a tiller input assigned toupdate your control settings- so please be advised! Previously we wereusing the PROP1 axis in MSFS controls to provide tiller inputs, buteffective with this build the 737 will accept tiller steering inputsonly from the NOSE WHEEL STEERING AXIS input in the MSFS controlmenus. (This is about a 10 second change for you to make, so it isvery easy!)

Coincident with this change, we have re-implemented proper pedalsteering for users who have both a tiller and rudder axis assigned intheir flight controls. The rudder pedals will now give you propersteering +-7 degrees while the tiller will provide gross steeringinputs to the full range of the airplane's capabilities. We have alsofound the portion of our yaw control logic that was preventing gamepadusers from enjoying a satisfactory experience, so those users will nowfind that their gamepad rudder inputs work as expected with the737. (This took a bit longer than we had hoped, so thank you for yourpatience!)

Also under the hood we continued with our usual process ofefficiency improvements and updates. You may notice items we haven'tlisted here, as the 737-700 benefits from the continued development onher sister products coming down the pipeline.


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