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PKSIM MSFS/P3D Development Plans


Hi everyone. We know it’s been a pretty busy year for everyone inmany ways, as well as for the development of add-ons. It's been a fastpace year with many surprises, such as the release of two newsimulators, Prepar3D V5 and Flight Simulator 2020. All this took placewithin the COVID-19 pandemic and in between the development ofPKSM-Lima, resulting in the huge challenge for us of being able toadapt our products to the new available platforms. Which we havedecided it what comes next within the future of PKSM.

So far we have elaborate a development plan for both simulatorsthat we hope to accomplish. As some of you are already aware, FlightSimulator 2020 launching was almost a surprise to many developers likeus, while SDK was kept hidden for almost everyone. The above explainswhy we took a little longer to study the possibility of adaptingall our products to MSFS.

Today we want to introduce the future plan which initiates with thelaunching of PKSM-Lima scheduled for late September 2020 and thefollowing updates:

Microsoft Flight Simulator

  • Cali - November 2020
  • San Andres - Late December 2020
  • Bogota - 2021
  • Lima -2021


  • Lima - Late September 2020
  • Cali - October 2020
  • San Andres - November 2020


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