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Pilot's Updates LEAL Alicante Airport For MSFS


Today we have released an update for LEAL - Alicante Airport for MSFS.

This brings it up to v1.1 and it contains the following changes andimprovements:

  • Changed ALS (Approach Lighting System) layout for both runways
  • ILS fix for RWY 10
  • Added custom runway edge/end lights
  • Updated Gates and Stands to reflect current real world layout
  • Mesh smoothing of taxiways areas
  • Various mesh changes to prevent Bing Maps imagery bleed-through
  • Added concrete texturing to match real world departure hold area for both Rwy 10 and RWY 28
  • Removed various default parked vehicles
  • Fixed floating buildings
  • Modification of elevation for various parked vehicles (cars sunk into ground)
  • Elevation changes to various buildings and structures.

You can find the new version in the download area of your accountat our web site to which we link below. Please do take note, thatcustomers of the previous version for Prepar3D still do receive areduced price when registered and logged into their account at ourwebshop. But that offer will end soon. Take care!


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