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Photosim Labs MSFS Release Plans


Having had a bit more time to research the Microsoft FlightSimulator Marketplace, we are in a position to announce that anyonewho has purchased TISX for P3D, will receive a copy of the MSFSversion at an additional charge of only $4.99, provided youpurchased TISX before 11:59 pm on 8/16/2020.

Additionally, we have decided to release Cuba 1 and Cuba 2 for MSFSahead of the Prepar3D release date, and will post the firstscreenshots of our Cuba scenery in MSFS next week. There is a lot ofCaribbean development coming to MSFS and P3D.

Photosim Labs Releases St. Croix
Photosim Labs Statement On New MSFS
Photosim Labs - Cuba First Looks

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