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Perfect Flight - Flying Nepal for MSFS


Welcome to Flying Nepal. Discovery a country with diverse mix ofcultures. Take in wonderful Himalayan views in the Annapurna region. Acomplete tour to enjoy the natural beauty of this area with snowymountains and lakes in a new brand Cessna Grand Caravan in NepalNation special livery. Also, test your pilot skill in 24 new LandingChallenges missions!


Product Features

Landing Challenges Missions:

24 Landing Challenges for a large variety of airports inNepal. Challenges are rated so you can evaluate your skill. There areeight landing challenges for each Category (Famous, Epic,Strongwind). All missions are available directly from the mainMicrosoft Flight Simulator menu. Challenges uses various types ofaircraft, depending on the size of the arrival airport.


Flying Nepal Bush Trip:

A complete and scenic tour of the Nepal from Bajura toChandragadhi. You will find Bush Trip – FLAYING NEPAL into theACTIVITIES/BUSH TRIP section. A lot of points of interest have beenincluded in the flight plan, many documented with photos visible inthe Nav Log. In addition, the missions take advantage of the MicrosoftTTS technology and you will receive instructions and information aboutthe flight by voice.

Bush Trip information:

Flight Length: 363 nm
Flight Duration: 03:24
Number of Legs: 13


You can fly the missions with preset settings or change weather,season, date and time. Also the Multiplayer feature is enabled, so youcan fly online with your friends.

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