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Perfect Flight - EuroWings A320 Missions Pack for MSFS


Eurowings A320 Missions Pack is a first attempt to let you fly anIFR mission making up for the Microsoft Flight Simulatorlack. Missions are available into the ACTIVITIES/BUSH TRIP but butunlike traditional bush trips structure, they work in conjunction withthe ATC engine. So you can interact with the Traffic Control tosimulate real life flight operations. Test your knowledge and skillsin this particular aspect of the flight!

You start each mission with the plane parked at the gate, cold &dark, so you have the complete control and responsibility of anyaspect of the planned route.

In addition, the missions take advantage of the Microsoft TTStechnology and you will receive instructions and information about theflight by voice.


  • Fleet - new livery in Eurowings colors for the defaultAirbus A320neo in ultra high 8k resolution. You can use the providedplane or any already in your fleet.
  • Missions - 10 IFR flights completely integrated with theATC system, with Speed call, Stall and Overspeed monitoring andwarnings, Gear, Flaps and altitude check and more. Fly for hours in alarge range of scenarios and enjoy a most realistic flight experiencein a real aeronautical world ambience.
  • Custom Settings - You can fly the missions with presetsettings or change weather, season, date and time. You can refuel theplane in any time and you have full access to Checklists andAssistance Options. Multiplayer feature is also enabled, so you canfly online with your friends.
  • Complete Documentation - In addition to a useful UserGuide, product includes the most recent and official AIP documentation(Airport, Arrival, Approach, Departure) for all departure/arrivalAirport.

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