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Perfect Flight - Discovery Flights - Aerial Chauffeur for MSFS


A famous and eccentric mystery novel writer gets tired of takingthe ferry to and from her mansion on Nantucket Island, and hires youas her personal pilot for the summer. You will appear like an aerialchauffeur but you'll build lots of valuable IFR flight time, flyingall over New England in a brand-new Cessna 172 Skyhawk in differentweather conditions and time.

So, you will accompany Mrs. Benson on her excursions to sign books,interviews and lectures. You will find Aerial Chauffeur flights intothe main Flight Simulator Menu in ACTIVITIES/BUSH TRIP section.



  • 10 complete Discovery Flights Mission over the New England, US, in different weather and time conditions
  • A new-brand livery for the Asobo Cessna Skyhawk G1000, in special Perfect Flight Colors
  • 50 Navigation Charts (airport Diagram, ILS, VOR, GPS, RNAV procedures) for all destination airports
  • A guide to access to additional resources offered by Lanier Flight Center (Cessna 172SPFlight Manuals, Pilot Information and Checklist)
  • Special Feature – You can fly the missions with the provided livery or with your favorite airplane
  • 100% integrated in the Main Menu of Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Localization – Product is released in ALL language supported by Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • User Guide includes also a detailed briefing for each mission


Purchase Perfect Flight - Discovery Flights - Aerial Chauffeur for MSFS
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Perfect Flight - King Air 350i eXtreme for MSFS

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