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Pearl Simulations - PHTO - Hilo Int'l Airport For MSFS


Hilo International Airport (IATA: ITO, ICAO: PHTO, FAA LID: ITO),formerly General Lyman Field, is owned and operated by the HawaiÊ»istate Department of Transportation. Located in Hilo, HawaiÊ»i County,the airport is one of two major airports on HawaiÊ»i Island and one offive major airports in the state. Hilo International Airport servesmost of East HawaiÊ»i, including the districts of Hilo and Puna, aswell as portions of the districts of HÄmÄkua and Kaʻū. Most flights tothe airport are from Honolulu International Airport. These flights arepredominantly operated by Hawaiian Airlines, United Airlines, AlohaAir Cargo, and its newest operator, Southwest Airlines. It is includedin the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) National Plan ofIntegrated Airport Systems for 2017–2021, in which it is categorizedas a small-hub primary commercial service facility.


With over 50 custom buildings, corrected vegetation, and exacttaxiway and runway mapping, it gives you an ultimate experience ofvisiting Hawaii's Big Island.



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