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Pacific Islands Simulation Releases Cleveland-Hopkins Int'l P3D



  • Native P3DV5 product
  • Accurate Terminal, hangars, towers, and airport layout
  • Dynamic Lighting (Note: No 2D ground light splash option)
  • SODE animated jetway system for all gates
  • Custom runway and apron/tarmac textures
  • High resolution (7cm-15cm pixel) photoreal seasonal ground textures
  • KCLE Scenery Configurator Tool to tweak for optimum scenery fluidity including seasonal vegetation texture alternating
  • Color-corrected ground textures to reflect real-world topography colors
  • Fully optimized for smooth simulation experience


Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is an international airportlocated in Cleveland, Ohio, 9 miles southwest of the downtown area andadjacent to the Glenn Research Center, one of NASA's ten major fieldcenters It is the primary airport serving Greater Cleveland andNortheast Ohio, the largest and busiest airport in Ohio, and the 43rdbusiest airport in the United States by passenger numbers.



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