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Orbx Update on openLC Asia For P3D


Over on the Orbx forums, Ed Correia has provided a developmentupdate on openLC Asia for P3D. openLC transforms the landclass in yoursim to better match the real world, and provides a much richerexperience for details as you fly:

Hi all, small update and new previews.

Development is taking longer than anticipated as the P3Dv5 variantis needing a whole lot more work in terms of exclusion of secondaryand tertiary roads. Without these exclusions, we are seeing a mass ofminor roads cutting through our landscape textures which does not doit any justice. This is quite pronounced on the Indiansubcontinent.


We are also ensuring that it will work with the Vector productbeing present or not so that is also increasing theworkload. Nonetheless, Eugene is practically on this 7 days a week andthis is no mean feat!

The first area has also increased slightly in size (red shadedarea) to make more efficient use of landclass textures.



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