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Orbx Releases KVNY Van Nuys Airport MSFS


Located in San Fernando Valley, California Van Nuys airport is thelargest and busiest general aviation airport in the world, with about230,000 aircraft movements annually.

This is the latest from the talented developer, Matteo Veneziani,whose other works include KBUR Burbank, LIEO Olbia (both for MSFS &P3D) and YBCG Gold Coast (P3D).

Using the latest MSFS SDK, all textures come with PBR as standardand high resolution artwork has been used throughout. All new uniqueGSE and static aircraft types have been added and careful attentionhas been given to the details, like the 94th Aero Squadron Restaurantrecreated in all its beauty as well as the Van Nuys AirportObservation Area, The Park VNY, Los Angeles Fire Dept. and AirtelPlaza Hotel. Particular attention has been given to animationfeatures, in fact here you can find rotating AC fans, vents, customwig-wag, beacon light etc.. all helping to create a uniqueimmersion!


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