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Orbx Releases Bastia Airport For MSFS 2020


Located on the idyllic Mediterranean island of Corsica, Bastiaairport is nestled between the mountains and the sea which makes forsome challenging flying conditions. As a popular holiday destination,the airport sees a mix of airline, corporate, GA traffic andhelicopters and acts as a base for coastguard and firefightingaircraft. One thing is for sure though, spectacular views areguaranteed!


The scenery encompasses both the airport in complete detail, aswell the surrounding area. Particular attention has also been given tothe landside part of the airport where the car parking, car rental,farms and industrial area has been recreated with a high level ofdetail. The airport development has been based on the latest referencematerial and includes the brand new expansion of the terminal. Theunique architectural design of the tower and terminal has beenexpertly captured by Matteo using extensive onsite on-sitephotography.


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