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Orbx Products And Prepar3D v5


We are very excited about the Prepar3D v5, which of course we willsupport.

We have checked 230 products for major compatibility issues and sofar we are pleased to say that the majority are working as is.

Our ObjectFlow module has been rewritten to take advantage of newfeatures in the Lockheed Martin's PDK. In the past, updating thismodule has sometimes been an issue, but with this module update, thatis no longer the case.

We will make compatible products available as soon as possibleafter Prepar3D v5's release. Please see our Prepar3D v5 Compatibilitypage for an up to date listing of products that are v5 ready. We willonly provide Prepar3D v5 support for products in that list.

We will work on the remaining products to get them up to v5compatibility. This is not a commitment or guarantee that all productswill be made available for v5. Regardless, we will endeavour to makeall of them compatible but there may be instances where this may notbe possible. Please read our Known Issues thread for moreinformation.

One notable exception to this will be Orbx Global VECTOR; at thispoint we are not intending to port this title to the new platform. Thedata within in Prepar3D v5 is much newer and complete and makes GlobalVECTOR less relevant. Airport data in Global VECTOR is alsoincompatible with Prepar3D v5. Though Global VECTOR does haveadditional features such as road tunnels and custom textures, at thisstage we do not intend to modify it for Prepar3D v5.

This upgrade will be free for our users. We have supported 4versions of Prepar3D with free upgrades allowing you to continue usingour products as the sim platform evolved - Prepar3D v5 is noexception.


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