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Orbx Previews TrueEarth US Washington Features


This next-generation of scenery development for the US is packedwith unique features, immeasurable detail and a huge variety of placesto see. In the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Washington is apicturesque state full of natural beauty and breathtaking terrain thatgives you a real sense of purpose as you explore the environment.

Expanding on the successes of our TrueEarth products, TrueEarth USWashington brings the latest scenery technology to one of ourmost-requested locations. From the rugged isolation of the CascadeMountains to the hustle of downtown Seattle; from the arid beauty ofthe Inland Empire to the temperate serenity of the coastal maritimes,TrueEarth US Washington encapsulates some of the most dramatic scenerypackages ever and is available now in Prepar3D v4 and v5.


TrueEarth US Washington includes a host of many of the features andcontent from the X-Plane version. From the 900+ custom-modeledlandmarks, through to the millions of accurately-placed buildings andtrees, this scenery faithfully recreates one of the true homes ofglobal aviation.

Expect to see a release very soon!


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