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Orbx Announces ESKS Scandinavian Mountains Airport For P3Dv4


Acclaimed developer Marcus Nyberg continues his Swedish series withthe world's newest international airport. Opened only two months ago,ESKS is a 747-capable airfield situated along the Swedish-Norwegianborder, serving several nearby ski resorts. With A320/RJ100/ATRservices to major Swedish and European destinations, the airport isalso nestled nearby to many of your favorite Orbx airports, includingGothenburg, Stockholm-Arlanda and Dala.

Incorporating exquisite 3cm drone-sourced aerial imagery, Marcus'famous snow tech, advanced-material and PBR texturing, interiormodelling, complete seasonal variations and so much more. Pushing theboundaries for what is possible in P3Dv4, Scandinavian MountainsAirport will be your perfect base of operations for the extendedwinter holiday season.





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