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Orbx Comments On Landmarks London City Pack


Orbx was one of the first developer out of the gate in releasingproducts for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Given their reputationfor extremely detailed scenery expectations were high for their newpackages, put something was clearly wrong with their LandmarksLondon City Pack. Here are their comments:

We want to let you know that we are aware of an issue in theLandmarks London City Pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This issue affects a small number of the 400+ landmarks available,where they do not match up with the quality of those alreadyin-sim.

A fix this is already in development, and will be made availablevery soon through Orbx Central, and - as soon as it is approved - inthe Microsoft Flight Simulator in-sim Marketplace.

We will inform you when this update is available on the OrbxFacebook and Twitter channels.

Thanks all for your patience!

Orbx Release Four New Products For MSFS

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