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Orbx - Boulder City


I am very excited to announce a new major project from legendarydeveloper Ken Hall: Boulder City Municipal Airport! A true labor oflove for Ken and meticulously crafted over two years; Boulder Citysits 2,203 feet above sea level surrounded by vast desert to the southand Boulder City to the north.

Situated just south of the fabulous Las Vegas, Boulder CityMunicipal Airport is the perfect base to start your sightseeing toursof the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Those who love toexplore natural beauty within the simulators will be fully immersedwith the extensive coverage area provided by this vibrant airport.



Ken has brought his obsessive attention to detail to this locallyiconic airport, ensuring each uniquely textured static aircraft,hangar and airport building is truly authentic andrealistic. Everything has been designed specifically for Boulder Cityto give you a taste of what it really feels like to be in the humiddesert. All primary features are modeled in full PBR glory, withground textures hand-drawn and dozens of unique vegetation typescreated solely for this project.



Each year, over 100,000 departures take to the skies from BoulderCity Municipal Airport offering scenic tours far and wide, includingover the nearby mountain ranges. Whether you choose to take a lightaircraft across the desert plains or a helicopter, the airportfunctions perfectly for both.

Boulder City Municipal Airport features a comprehensive coveragearea outside of the airport, encompassing the entirety of BoulderCity, Hoover Dam, sections of Lake Mead and even the outskirts of LasVegas. Explore local golf courses, casinos, hotels and more, leadingto a seamless experience as you depart for the Grand Canyon.



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