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Orbx Announces Sandefjord Torp Airport


We are delighted to unveil the next Norwegian destination from FinnHansen and companion Jakub Lukaszewski - Sandefjord Torp Airport!

(ENTO) Torp Airport is a major Norwegian airport, located on thewest side of the Oslofjord. It is linked with Oslo Gardermoen airport,serving mostly low-cost and charter carriers flying to destinationsacross Europe. Regular visitors include Wizzair, KLM, Ryanair andWideroe. On site is also the European Helicopter Center: Educatingfuture helicopter pilots, Pilot Flight Academy for fixed wingeducation, as well as Wideroe and others' maintenance hangars. Way upin the northern corner of the airport lies the local flying club -Sandefjord flyklubb.



Whether you prefer flying low-cost airlines to London, Krakow orRiga, GA flights to nearby Notodden, Sogndal and the Norwegian Fjords,or visit other nearby Orbx destinations such as Kristiansand,Alesund or Malmo - this airport is your new base ofoperations!

This will initially be for MSFS, but a P3D is coming soon.


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