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Orbx Announces Nis Constantine the Great Airport for MSFS


Rasha Tucakov brings us his first project for Microsoft FlightSimulator with this charming rendition of the historic Balkans city ofNis. A complete airport and cityscape product, LYNI harnessescutting-edge texturing techniques, complete PBR and much more. AsSerbia's second-busiest airport, Nis is a mixed-use airfield,home to both airline and military traffic.

Known for his attention to unusual details of all sizes, Rasha hasrecreated a stunning array of unique content both within and outsidethe airfield perimeter. From a swathe of Soviet-era static aircraft,to dozens of expertly hand-crafted POIs across the city, Nishas been a true labor of love for Rasha, and we are delighted toshowcase the first previews of thisA project.



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