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Orbx Announces Molde Airport MSFS


We are excited to announce the next project from Finn Hansen: MoldeAirport, located in the charming fjord city of Molde, Norway.

Following on from Finn's previous Norwegian airports of ENHFHammerfest, ENNO Notodden, ENAL Alesund and ENTO Sandefjord, Molde isanother stunning location which is famed for beautiful views, jazzmusic and roses, despite the climate.

Detailed modelling and high-def PBR textures make this airport amust-have. Finn and the Orbx team also have improved the area with40sqkm of 50cm ortho to remove the imperfections seen in the currentdefault imagery. Combining all that with custom GSE and real-worldliveries on GA statics, Molde Airport will be a fab addition to yourNorwegian collection!

The airport itself is situated right on the shore of the Moldefjordand the runway is only 3m above sea-level so in times of high seas andtides the water creeps onto the runway edges. The airport is perfectlylocated for short flights to Trondheim, Sandane and Sogndal or take insome of the regular flights to Bergen, Oslo and Gdansk.


  • Detailed depiction of Molde Airport, Norway
  • Complete with PBR textures
  • Crisp photoreal
  • Custom GSE
  • Interior modelling of terminal
  • GA statics matching real-world liveries
  • Selection of POI buildings outside perimeter fence
  • Ground work by Jakub Åukaszewski


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