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Orbx Announces Himalayas Mesh For MSFS 2020


Announcing Himalaya Mesh for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

We are pleased to announce the next installment of our successfulMicrosoft Flight Simulator mesh product line - Himalaya Mesh.

Known for its characteristic features of soaring heights, alpineglaciers and jagged peaks, the Himalayas (or Himalaya which is derivedfrom the Sanskrit words of snow abode) is home to the highestmountains in the world.

Himalaya Mesh has been carefully blended from 3 different sourcesresulting in a crisp 10m resolution to give you a truly uniqueexperience in the area. This is also by far our largest in terms ofcoverage area with an installation size of just over 20 GB.

Like our other Microsoft Flight Simulator mesh products, HimalayaMesh is a 100% self-contained product with no changes made to thedefault mesh or any other files. With virtually no noticeableperformance impact, each LOD is consistent without any blurring andminimal LOD morphing when flying over the mountainous terrain of theHimalayan ranges.




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